What is A1WebStats?

Companies all over the world are losing serious amounts of business through having little idea of where their websites are letting them down. They use Google Analytics and other solutions but ultimately, not a lot is achieved. A1WebStats is, on the surface, website visitors analytics software. But we prefer to look on ourselves as being mindset shifters rather than software producers.

Our software can make valuable contributions, helping you generate new business from your company website.

Website Visitors Analysis

  • Do you wonder which companies are visiting your website, and what pages they’re looking at?
  • Are you generally interested in how individual visitors interact with your website?
  • If such information was available, would you then act on that information? If so, A1WebStats is perfect for you.

With two pricing options, including a free trial, there are benefits for all companies.

A1WebStats can give you:

  • The names of companies/organisations that have visited your website.
  • A deep understanding of what your visitors do (B2B and B2C) when they reach your website.
  • Drill down from any level (i.e. keywords, referrers, Pay-Per-Click, browser, page) to see what your individual visitors are looking at and how far they get through your website before either making contact with you or going elsewhere.
  • Each page the visitor views on your website, and for how long on each page.

Invest a bit more of your time by viewing our 6 minute video demo of how A1WebStats works …

Are you already using Google Analytics but it’s not giving you enough? You need to see our guide to A1WebStats vs Google Analytics.

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