Converting Website Visitors to Enquiries / Business

“If your website doesn’t convert enough visitors to enquiries/business then you need to gain an understanding of where things are going wrong, so that you can do something about it.”

Do you know what percentage of your website visitors convert to enquiries and business for you? If you’re the same as the majority of businesses, the answer is probably a relatively small figure – perhaps 5% at best.

Out of every 100 visitors to your website, you can automatically exclude a number to be visitors who would not buy from you, however good your website is.  These visitors include:

  • Competitors.
  • Companies wanting to sell to you.
  • People researching a subject, but who are never going to buy.
  • People looking for jobs.
  • Search engine robots.
  • People who find you in search engine listings but it wasn’t clear what you offer and they realise that when they land on your website.
  • People you have an existing relationship, who went to your website, but wouldn’t be considered ‘new’ buyers.

It’s quite likely that you could view at least 40% of your website visitors as being those that definitely won’t buy.   So what about the others?

Of the remaining ‘useful’ website visitors you have an opportunity to impress them and although you may be gaining a certain level of enquiries/business from those ‘useful’ visitors, it’s highly likely that the percentage could be a lot stronger.

Your starting point is to focus on a particular part of your website and compare numbers of visitors to numbers of enquiries.  The following example uses the A1WebStats system to demonstrate how you can focus on information that matters.

Cosmetology is a company that provides cosmetic procedures training.  It runs training courses at major locations within the UK and is strongly visible in search engine listings, including Pay Per Click advertising.  For this example, we’re going to analyse a sub-set of website visitors information – focusing on people looking to book Cosmetology training courses in Manchester.

We start off using the Entry Pages functionality of A1WebStats, which shows us, over a period of time, how many visitors have entered the website via particular pages within the website.   Part of that view can be seen below, and you’ll notice that there’s a tick against the ‘Manchester’ entry page …

We then click on the Create Report button which generates a report showing us all 68 people who entered the website via that Manchester landing page.  A small sample of that report can be seen in the screenshot below …

The visitors in the screenshot above had typed ‘training for botox in manchester’ and ‘manchester botox training’.   Both of those are relevant visits and therefore potential buyers.   However, the list of 68 visitors will contain some people that wouldn’t become business.   For example, the screenshot below shows that someone searched for ‘free training courses manchester’ and Bing decided to show the Cosmetology Manchester page in its search results.  The person clicked on the link to the website and went no further than the landing page because they were looking for free training courses in general, not a training course in a specific subject, and that has a cost …

You’ll notice in the screenshot above that there’s an option to ‘Remove This Visitor Path’ and the A1WebStats system allows you to look through all visitor paths and remove those that could be considered irrelevant/not likely to buy.   Going through those 68 visitors who landed on the Cosmetology Manchester page, we ended up with 52 visitors who could have been considered ‘useful’.  However, from those 52 there is still some doubt – someone typing ‘botox training manchester’ could be a potential buyer or they could be a competitor.  Accepting that the 52 remaining visitors have to be taken with a pinch of salt, the figures are still probably refined enough to then ask the question:

“During that time period, how many enquiries were gained related to course bookings in Manchester?”

The answer to that question can then be compared to the 52 ‘useful’ visitors.   In some cases, the information from A1WebStats shows us without doubt that contact was made.  For example, the screenshot below shows that someone had searched for ‘botox training courses manchester’ and completed a form on the website that resulted in them seeing the ‘thanks’ page, which means contact was made …

However, people don’t always complete enquiry forms.  Emails and phone calls would also have brought in enquiries and in every type of business, ALL enquiries should be logged in a system that allows you to link enquiry dates and times to the date and time of the website visit.

As an example, the screenshot below matched an enquiry that was received by Cosmetology.  However, there’s nothing to give that away in the visitor path through the website.  By logging the dates and times that enquiries come in, you can look back at website visitors information, such as in the screenshot below, and see what brought that person to the website (which then shows you how you’re gaining return on your online marketing investment) …

You are now at the point where you can analyse in more depth by going through each of the visitor paths shown, putting yourself in the shoes of each website visitor and asking the question “why didn’t this person make contact?”.

You will discover certain patterns that are consistent and opportunities to refine parts of the website so that they become stronger.  This makes it more likely to gain enquiries/business when your website has been strengthened.  If you can’t identify the website problems on your own then it’s worth using the A1WebStats data in a group session because it’s more likely that a group of people will identify website weaknesses than just you alone.

For those companies that need expert help, we also offer an A1WebStats Platinum subscription, which involves a monthly telephone discussion about your website visitor patterns, combined with our expert input on what needs to be enhanced in order for you to get stronger results from your website visitors.

In summary, the recommended path to gaining more from your website visitors is:

  1. Pick a part of your website that you want to focus on.
  2. Use A1WebStats to identify all visitors to that part of your website.
  3. Refine the data down to ‘useful’ visitors.
  4. Compare the ‘useful’ visitors number to the number of enquiries gained.
  5. Analyse the data in more depth, which leads to website refinements that will benefit you.


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