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We're delighted with the insight A1 Webstats has given us. The data it provides has been really valuable in helping us better understand the types of businesses our digital marketing services attract and therefore how we can best meet their needs, both online and off.

We've been able to contact many of the companies that have visited our site, which has identified new leads and even secured us new clients. We're happy to recommend A1 Webstats.
Susan Hallam Hallam Internet
Aside from actionable statistics that we like from A1Webstats, A1 also provide the highest level of service among analytics programs out there. Every time we need assistance or clarification on anything, they respond immediately and even take time to help us understand the program completely.

For us, we particularly like the companies identification feature! It is accurate and very helpful for B2B businesses.
Jeanne Castor Pinpoint GPS Solutions
We’ve only been using the system for a few months and in that time have picked up on named companies who have visited our website pages, who we have been able to contact, with successful results.

In financial terms it’s a no-brainer, having easily paid for itself in no time. The A1WebStats system has also been really useful to help us make beneficial changes to sections and pages within our website.
James Osborne Harvard Engineering
Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for creating a fantastic system.

We were looking at a competitor system and googled to see if there was a more cost-effective solution, which is when we came across the article you wrote comparing the two, which was very insightful and easy to understand. It was a no-brainer to sign up for a free month trial with no tie in.

Loading the code was straightforward and we began looking at the information coming back and we were most interested in which companies were finding us on the search results, which pages they landed on and where they went within our website. Our previous website was old and needing to be rebuilt so didn't convert as many views to enquiries or sales. Suddenly, we could see who found us and might be interested in what we offer and we could be reactive to those who didn’t make contact with us.

During the trial period and feeling adventurous, I sent an introductory email to one of those visiting companies and within 24 hours had converted a new customer, which paid for the system for a year! Fantastic. Now we have signed up for the longer term making savings on the month to month and are reviewing how our website visitors interact with our site. Lots of work to do but building a website asset is a long term game and your system is critical to the success of our website and business going forward.

Thanks again,

The data was a bit shocking but at least now we know that most of our website visitors are existing clients accessing our system. We have a big battle ahead, knowing that our Google visibility is rubbish but without your system we would have had no idea at all. Really insightful!
Sales Director Financing Company (anonymous by choice)
I have been using A1WebStats for some time now and it has enhanced my understanding of how SEO works and the benefit which it brings to our business.

On a daily basis I look at the web stats for our website to see who has been looking at our website, what pages they were looking at and the keywords which were used to get to our website. From this I can build a picture of where we need to focus our SEO on, the geographical location/area we need to concentrate on to obtain more business from, and to also understand what part of our business needs to be developed more.

When we get new enquiries I can link them back to the time, the date, and what pages on our website they looked at. The rest is down to us to convert it to a job. With existing clients it is always good to know that they have still got us in mind and are looking at our website, especially when we can see that they are looking at the new case studies which we are regularly uploading as part of keeping our website updated with all the work we’ve been doing for clients.

The A1WebStats support team have been there every step of the way to explain how the web stats work and more importantly, how we can use the information which we have obtained in order to take our business forward.
Karen Mitchell Metcalfe Briggs
Got to say – loving A1 Web Stats – I’m addicted!
I hate statistics but I love this. It’s not statistics I’m seeing, it’s actionable information. I think I’m becoming a convert.
Guy Scantlebury Sash Glass
This proves for a fact that we need to invest more time in our website strength and less time on driving traffic to it.
Caroline Lawton Plane and Simple
I really don’t like what it tells me but I can’t deny what it says.
Partner Law Firm (Anonymous by choice)
If I hadn’t seen the statistics with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed that those website pages were stopping many people from making contact. The visible evidence doesn’t lie though – this is clever stuff.
Paul Keeble East Coast Heating
There are few things online that I spend much time on. This is definitely one worth me spending time on.
Martin Moy MESH Consultants
This is like gold dust! We can see exactly what we want, whenever we want to. It's amazing I've never seen anything like this before.
Chris Payne Wallace Print
This makes life a lot easier because I can now see which visitors from other countries are worth investing time in and which aren't.
Steve Hayward Major Project Finance