If the graphic grabbed your attention then hopefully you’ll have also seen the all important ‘As not seen on’ words.

We’ve never been featured on the BBC, CNN, Sky etc.

We’ve never been featured in national newspapers either.

And we probably never will.

So what’s the point?

The point is that A1WebStats is probably the BEST website visitors analysis system that you’ve never heard of.

If we said “Google Analytics” then you’d have heard of that. You may even have heard that it can be useful for gaining insights into your website visitors.

And it can be.

But Google Analytics is limited in a few ways:

  1. It’s too complicated for the average business person to get to grips with.
  2. It doesn’t focus on what we consider to be important – making it easy for you to understand where your website is losing you potential business.
  3. It doesn’t have friendly people at the end of a phone or email, ready to help you get the best out of it.

You may have a favourite café. Or perhaps a beach spot. Or just somewhere you like to go that’s just right for YOU. But those places aren’t highly publicised. They’re not on the TV channels or in the national newspapers. If everyone knew about them then they may get too popular and not so ‘cosy’.

We’re a bit like that.


We’re certainly popular amongst our subscribers, who just love how our system helps them get more from their websites.

But we’re not mainstream popular.

We wouldn’t want to be.

We like working with small to medium sized businesses, giving the personal touch. If we had 100,000+ subscribers we’d probably lose our identity.

We don’t charge a fortune for our software. We’ve been told we could charge more. But we don’t want to. We want to stay close to our roots and our passion, which is helping smaller businesses, who don’t have deep pockets, to get the best out of their websites.

We are A1WebStats and we will never be ‘as seen on’ the major media.

We like things just the way they are.

Join us for a free trial and let us help you to get the most out of your business website.