This page was created in 2012 and has been superceded by this updated post.

Here we provide you with a comparison between Lead Forensics and A1WebStats.

Are you currently trialling or considering Lead Forensics?  If so, see our guide to Lead Forensics pricing, and then come back to this page.

While we’d love you to trial and then buy A1WebStats, we want you to make the decision that’s right for your business requirements and budget. If you decide after reading this that Lead Forensics is the solution for you then we hope that we’ve helped you to make that decision. If you decide A1WebStats is right for you then we welcome you to sign up for your free trial.

To start with though, if you suspect that your website may be getting low levels of website traffic (under 200-300 visitors a month), then we would encourage you to look at our blog that focuses on analytics software for low traffic websites, and then come back to this page afterwards.

Naturally, we’re going to favour our own solution but we do actually respect Lead Forensics for what it does and understand why it’s the desired solution for some businesses.

The information provided here was last reviewed in July 2017.


Our view in brief

Do you want to know which companies have visited your website (and what they looked at) or do you want to make positive change so that your website gets stronger enquiries/sales from future visitors?

That’s what’s going to help you make a decision about whether Lead Forensics or A1WebStats is the best solution for you.

If you want a combination of the two, then A1WebStats is the only solution that offers both levels of functionality.

If you are firmly of the view that all that matters is identifying companies that visit your website, and you would rather chase those companies than be part of making your website stronger (so that more companies make contact with you in the first place), then A1WebStats may not be right for you.


Purpose of the solution

Lead Forensics – To highlight companies that have visited your website, including contact details of that company.

A1WebStats – To help you understand where your website and online marketing is weak.  Included in this is the ability to identify visiting companies, which is useful, but not as useful as having the opportunity to make the website stronger so that increased levels of enquiries and sales are gained.

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What it’s ideally suited for

Lead Forensics – Businesses that are purely interested in which companies have visited their website and want to act on that information.  Businesses that have little interest in gaining a better understanding of why the website doesn’t generate higher leads, but just want the data about visiting companies.  Particularly attractive to hardcore sales personnel, whereas marketing personnel would be looking for more.

A1WebStats – Businesses that are interested in which companies have visited their website (and what they looked at), and who may act on that information.  These types of businesses will have a more enquiring mind – they may find it useful to see which companies have visited but they want to make website/online marketing changes that will make their websites perform better in the future.


The differences in a nutshell

Lead Forensics tells you which companies have been to the website and which pages they looked at.  It’s purely a lead generation system.

If you care only about which companies have been to your website, and you have the budget and commitment to the long contract, then Lead Forensics is a good option for you.

A1WebStats also provides you with details of visiting companies but allows you to dig deeper into the reasons why website visitors don’t make contact at the desired rate, so that you can make changes that will be beneficial.

If it’s frustrating that you have so many website visitors, including named companies, but not enough of them make contact with you, then A1WebStats is a good option for you.


Free trial

Lead Forensics – 7 days (limited access)
A1WebStats – 30 days (full access)



Lead Forensics – from £150 per month (although some very low traffic websites have been quoted £75 per month)
A1WebStats – £59 + VAT per month (based on up to 7,000 website visitors per month – higher data pricing tiers are available)


Contract period

Lead Forensics – 12 months+ contracted period, with notice period
A1WebStats – None – can be cancelled at any time


How is Lead Forensics stronger than A1WebStats?

Lead Forensics focuses on one job: lead generation.  It does that in a nice and pretty way.  There is strong data provided about each company that has visited a website.  It takes one aspect of what A1WebStats does and expands upon it.  For pure analysis of, and follow up actions on, companies that have visited a website, it’s a nice solution if your budget allows for it.


How is A1WebStats stronger than Lead Forensics?

A1WebStats has been designed to help companies get stronger results out of websites. While we provide similar information to Lead Forensics (companies that have visited, what they searched for, and which pages they looked at – and for how long on each page), our focus is on what we consider to be more important …

Getting to the root of why business websites don’t gain higher levels of enquiries.

While we think it’s useful to have the ability to identify companies that have visited a website (so that such leads can be followed up on), if those companies haven’t made contact, then it implies that the website wasn’t strong enough.

We strongly feel that A1WebStats allows you to analyse website data in a useful way so that you can make positive changes that will lead to stronger levels of enquiries/sales.

Click here to see 16 reasons why A1WebStats will get you more business than Lead Forensics.


Buy Lead Forensics if …

  • You have the monthly budget
  • You’re not adverse to the contract lock-in time
  • You have sales people that will act on the visiting companies data
  • You purely want to be able to identify visiting companies and don’t want to know much else about your website strengths and weaknesses.

Buy A1WebStats if …

  • You want details of all website visitors, not just companies
  • You want an affordable solution
  • You don’t want to be locked into a long-term contract
  • You want to improve your website strength, not just identify companies who have visited your website.

Our Challenge

If you’re a Lead Forensics subscriber and are reading this then we challenge you to try A1WebStats (free 30 day trial) as well.  We 100% guarantee that during the trial you will be amazed at the website visitors information you’ve been missing out on.


And finally …

We firmly believe that every business has the potential to gain substantially more business from their website.

Although we understand why companies get excited about seeing which companies have visited their website (and what pages they looked at), we feel that’s not enough – the focus should be on avoiding website visitors leaving instead of trying to salvage business from some of them after their visit.

Our experts can look at any website and instantly identify weaknesses that stop people from making contact.  The A1WebStats software and support helps businesses to uncover such weaknesses through data that, although sometimes uncomfortable to view, helps those businesses to make positive changes that will gain stronger results from websites.

Give A1WebStats a free 30 day trial on your website and you’ll find a world of opportunity to make your business more successful through strengthening your website.