A1WebStats is white labelled by resellers/agencies worldwide.

Here are 6 reasons to white label A1WebStats.  Click on each reason or scroll down the page to view them all.


No setup charges

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Unlimited number of free trials

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Preferential pricing for you and your customers

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Flexibility on how you allocate visitor numbers allowances

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Customisable interface & API support

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Increase customer loyalty, plus your own revenues

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No setup charges

White labelling A1WebStats costs you nothing to set up but you are required to have one paid (at our normal monthly rate) account for your own business, which needs to be a continuously paid account.


Unlimited number of free trials

All trial subscribers (whether white label or not) are entitled to a 30 day/up to 7,000 visitors free trial.

You can create as many of these as you want to – directly from within your reseller account.

The relationship is between your ‘white label’ and your customers – A1WebStats will not directly contact your customers.

Unlimited free trials allows you to actively contact as many businesses as you want to, and for there to be no costs to them or you during the free trial periods.


Preferential pricing

We provide industry leading attractive pricing options for resellers/agencies.  These are as follows …

Option 1 – Pay as you go

This allows you to pay for individual accounts, each of which has an allowance of up to 7,000 visitors per month.

Cost to you: £45 (+ VAT if within the UK) per month.  That’s a saving of nearly 24% on the normal monthly cost.

Pay as you go pricing is better when you feel that you have clients that each have under 7,000 visitors per month and you’ll have less than 10 paying subscribers over time.

Option 2 – Data allowance

This provides you with an overall visitors data allowance that you can spread between as many trial/paying subscribers as you want to.

It’s designed to simplify billing, allow you to cover many more clients, but without having to pay for each individual client.

For example, you have 50 businesses who could potentially pay for the software each month but you don’t want to pay 50 x £45 per month.  Those 50 businesses have less than 75,000 visitors between them (per month) and you are paying for an overall allowance of 75,000 visitors.

Cost to you: £390 (+ VAT if within the UK) per month, paid by direct debit, allowing up to 75,000 visitors to be tracked between as many websites as you choose.

If you need from 75,000 – 150,000 visitors data allowance, the pricing is £650 (+ VAT if within the UK) per month.

Please contact us if you have higher data allowance requirements.

Data allowance pricing is designed for agencies who wish many of their clients to get access to the powerful data supplied from the A1WebStats system (presented via the white label) at a very much reduced price.  We can offer this because there are lower overheads for us, as the agency manages the relationship with the end clients.

Read on to see more about allocating data allowances …


Flexibility on allocating data allowances

Here’s one example of how to spread a data allowance of 75,000 visitors per month:

Client 1 500 visitors per month
Client 2 750 visitors per month
Client 3 1,000 visitors per month
Client 4 1,000 visitors per month
Client 5 2,000 visitors per month
Client 6 2,000 visitors per month
Client 7 2,000 visitors per month
Client 8 3,000 visitors per month
Client 9 4,000 visitors per month
Client 10 10,000 visitors per month
Client 11 12,000 visitors per month
Client 12 15,000 visitors per month

That’s a total of 53,250 visitors tracked per month used out of an allowance of 75,000.  That leaves 21,750 visitors data allowance to use on additional clients if you want to.

Clients 1-9 would easily fit within a normal 7,000 visitors per month A1WebStats allowance, but you wouldn’t be paying 9 x £45 as it would be included in the overall 75,000 visitors allowance.

Clients 10-12 would normally pay a higher monthly fee (being beyond 7,000 visitors per month each), but would be included in the overall allowance of 75,000.

If using the Pay as you go option, the pricing would have worked out as:

Clients 1-9 = £45 x 9 = £405 per month.

Clients 10-12 = £90 x 3 = £270 per month.

That would have been a total of £675 per month.

However, as they all fit within the 75,000 monthly visitors data allowance then the fee is the flat £390 paid by direct debit.

Effectively, the Data allowance pricing model allows each agency to add and remove subscribers to their ‘allowance’ (whether that’s 75,000, 150,000, or higher) without having to pay for individual accounts.


Customisable interface & API support

Whether you choose to use our standard template layout for the data under your white label, or you want to totally customise the presentation of the data, we offer plenty of customisation.

We also have dedicated API support so that you can pull our data into your internal systems in ways that work best for you and your clients.


Increase customer loyalty, plus your own revenues, through the benefits your clients receive

There are many benefits in putting your white labelled version of A1WebStats into as many businesses as possible:

  1. Your clients will see businesses that visit their website – at a price that’s hard to beat.  You may even absorb the costs into your overall arrangement with your client.
  2. You will uncover data patterns to discuss with your client, that can lead to website strengthening opportunities that are mutually beneficial (meaning: instead of chasing companies that visit their website, your clients will get more enquiries as a result of the website enhancements made).
  3. You can identify weaknesses in third parties and prove those weaknesses via the data (for example, your client may be using someone else for paid advertising but the data shows that the results are weak).
  4. You become so much more to your client than a provider of the services they are used to.  They will see, partially through the data provided by the system, that the beneficial outcomes from the data will help to strengthen their business.  This makes them less likely to move elsewhere and more likely to positively refer you onto new clients that they recommend you to.


FAQs about reseller accounts

Q: How do I track where I am within my data allowance each month?

A: Your reseller dashboard will show your current month usage updated after the end of each day.

Q: What happens if data levels go over my allocated allowance in a month?

A: We monitor data allowances and will notify you if your allowance is likely to be exceeded.  We do not automatically cut off data collection but have dialogue with you about either cutting down your data usage or moving to the next pricing tier.

Q: What if I’m using the data allowance pricing and a subscriber no longer wants to pay?

A: You can stop and start data collection for that subscriber from within your reseller interface.  You would still be paying us as part of your overall allowance and can then use that ex-subscriber data allowance for other subscribers.

Q: How much should I charge my client for the service they’re getting?

A: This is entirely your choice.  You pay us our rate and can charge your clients however you would like.  Some resellers absorb the costs into other services, some charge about the same rate we charge, and some uplift the pricing.  We wouldn’t though recommend significantly increasing the pricing as a savvy customer could potentially work out that it’s A1WebStats under the hood and would question why you charged them a higher fee than we would charge – especially if you didn’t add any extra value to the core system.


Want to discuss having a white label of A1WebStats?

Just contact us to arrange a suitable time to discuss how you would plan to use the white label.