That may look like an odd title for a page but experience has shown us that hand holding is often what’s needed to get the best out of website visitors analytics.

You probably recognise that your website isn’t gaining you enough enquiries/business and you know that the A1WebStats software can help you identify lots of patterns related to your website visitors.  Through picking up on those patterns you may implement changes that make your website/online marketing stronger.

Help is here

But what happens if you’re not totally comfortable with interpreting the data and coming up with great ideas on how to make your website/online marketing stronger?  Maybe you just need a bit of hand holding expert advice.

That’s where our Platinum service helps you.

Here’s what we suggest …

  1. Sign up for your free trial of A1WebStats.
  2. During the free 30 days you’ll have the opportunity to talk to us about your website visitors data.  Yes, real people and yes, totally free.  That’ll give you an insight into our website strategy/online marketing expertise.  In effect, you get an insight into our Platinum service totally for free during your trial 30 days.
  3. You’ll then be able to decide whether you’re happy to use A1WebStats as it is (as a Gold subscription) without our input, or you may want some hand holding.

Whether or not to buy our Platinum service

While you can of course buy into our Platinum service straight after your free trial, you may find that the Gold service is actually good enough for you, particularly when you know that you can easily ask us questions about how to use the A1WebStats system most effectively.

You may find though, that while talking to us during your free trial, you can see the benefits of going straight to the Platinum service.   Our view is that we live and breathe the subject of ‘website success’ day in and out, seeing numerous opportunities for websites/online marketing to work better – all backed up by data extracted from A1WebStats.  At the risk of looking really ‘sad’, we genuinely enjoy helping A1WebStats subscribers to get the best from website visitors.

Questions to be answered

How long am I locked into Platinum?

When you sign up for the Platinum service you haven’t signed your life away for the next 30 years, just the next 30 days.  You can downgrade from Platinum to Gold level whenever you want to.  You can also upgrade again at a later stage.

Can I use Platinum for awhile and then downgrade?

We see this quite often.  Subscribers sign up for, or upgrade to, Platinum and gain from our interpretation of their website visitors data plus the actions to be taken from the monthly discussion.

And then they dump us!  One month, two months, three months or more later.

They downgrade to Gold having fleeced our brains for personal gain.  We could feel ‘used’.

But we’re happy because we’ve helped those subscribers to advance their websites forwards and one of the biggest satisfactions we get is seeing subscribers websites change for the better.  Particularly smaller companies looking to beat their larger competitors.

Can you answer another question?

Of course!  Simply contact us with your question and we’ll answer without any obligation to use our services.

Your calls to action

We hope that one or more of these links give you plenty of extra reasons to take the free 30 day trial or contact us with any questions you may have …