Most of the people coming to our website are primarily interested in seeing which companies visited their website, what pages they looked at, and what brought those companies to the website.

If that’s of particular interest to you then please do look at our live data page, which shows you live examples of companies visiting websites (including their website movements).

A small proportion of our subscribers use the A1WebStats system purely for that.

Some wait for the daily email to show them details related to the companies that visited the day before.

Others log into their A1WebStats account to look at visiting companies information for any date range of interest.

Both then act on the information provided (usually by making contact with those companies).

If you’re purely interested in the companies that visit your website then simply sign up for the free 30 day trial, sit back, and wait for those emails to come through to you, or log in to your A1WebStats account whenever you want to.

Nice and easy.

Want to know more?

We’d hope that you didn’t click the free trial link above without finding out more about the type of information you get about visiting companies!

If you have a few minutes, please view our video below.  Because YouTube automatically displays videos in lower quality you may want to change the quality when the video is playing by hovering over the bottom of the video window and clicking on the settings cog symbol to select the quality you require (720 works best).   

If you have less time, below the video there’s text and images summarising the functionality available.

The A1WebStats system automatically sends you a daily email to alert you of the companies that visited your website the day before.   You can also log into your account at any time and review your visiting companies as follows …

Step 1

From the Companies view, select a date range, which will show you a list of companies.  Then tick those companies of interest (or select all of them).

Example of companies visiting a website

Step 2

Click the button to ‘Create Report’ to see details of each visiting company/organisation and how they interacted with your website during that date range.  These are presented all within one report.

For each visiting organisation you can see full details of how they interacted with your website.  The screenshot below shows you the type of information that you’re probably most interested in …


Key benefits of viewing visiting companies data

  • Respond more appropriately to companies/organisations that have contacted you.  If someone makes contact at a certain date and time then you can look at their website visit, get a clearer picture of what they looked at, and package your response to them accordingly.
  • Identify which forms of marketing are working best for you.  For example, if a company has made contact and you can link their website visit back to a certain form of marketing (e.g. Google Adwords advertising) then it starts to prove where the return on marketing investment is coming from.
  • Contact companies/organisations that you know visited, but who didn’t make contact, having been able to identify what they were interested in.
  • Be aware of possible weaknesses in your website.  If companies are visiting your website, and they were potentially buyers, but they don’t make contact, then it could be that some aspects of your website (or the ways in which it’s marketed) are underperforming.
  • Identify existing customers who have visited your website and decide how useful that information is to you.
  • See when your competitors have been visiting and what they looked at.

But that’s just scratching the surface!

You may be purely interested in A1WebStats because it shows you information related to companies that have visited your website.  However, as part of your 30 day trial you also have access  to the full functionality of the system and so, if you go on to pay for your subscription (beyond the free 30 day trial) then it would be an advantage to make use of all the other functions that will help you get deeper insights into your overall website visitors.

Our view is that while it may be useful to see which companies have visited  your website, if they haven’t made contact then it may mean that your website wasn’t effective enough for them.  It’s great that you get a second bite at them but not as good as if your website gave them enough reason for the person from each company to contact you in the first place.

We’d welcome you to look at our page called I want to get more business from my website.

Questions & Answers

Can you identify people from within the companies who visited?

Wouldn’t that be nice!  But no, unfortunately not.  But also, fortunately – issues arounding privacy make such granular levels of data a thorny subject (especially from the viewpoint of the person who is being contacted).  Technically, it can be done but we choose not to.  However, by knowing which companies visited, you’re a lot more knowledgeable than before installing A1WebStats and so can act on that information.

Can you identify all companies who visited?

If a company can be identified by their IP address then we will show them to you.  However, there are many perfectly normal companies (of varying sizes) who are not set up in such a way that they can be identified (particularly smaller companies).  Our system enables you to get a much stronger insight than you will have had before, but you will never get details about all companies (from any analytics system).  What you DO get though are details of enough companies to make you think “I wonder why so many of those companies didn’t make contact with us?”

Why is your product so cheap compared to similar products?

Our product allows you to identify companies but that’s a small part of what it does.  It’s also been deliberately priced so that it’s easily affordable to all types of businesses, however small.  Plus it’s free in the first month.

Other (much more expensive) products focus purely on the companies that have visited and sometimes add on more bells and whistles to that information.

However, in our view, most companies will find it hard to justify that extra cost for those extra features.  Put very simply, we are firmly committed to small to medium sized businesses becoming stronger through website visitor statistics analysis (and subsequent actions taken).  By keeping our prices low it makes it a very easy decision for businesses to make that investment in their future website success.

We’re not saying that we’re perfect of course, but we’re working on it!

Can you answer another question?

Of course!  Simply contact us with your question and we’ll answer without any obligation to use our services.


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