A1WebStats is designed to help you gain more business from your website by closely analysing your website visitors patterns from many perspectives.

Please find below a summary of each section of the guides and then click on the guide categories of most interest to you.


How to exclude an IP address from tracking
How to identify all your current customers visiting your website
How to see the complete history of a visiting company
How to see companies that follow patterns of interest to you (e.g. more than 1 page, visiting a certain page).
How to tag a company visitor as a client, prospect, or other
How to use LinkedIn to match people to companies visited
How to contact companies that have visited your website
How to ‘Watch’ companies

Email Marketing

How to dig deeper into clicks from your email marketing campaigns
How to turn email marketing clicks into identifiable companies

Google Adwords

How to always see Google Adwords keywords in your data
How to see which Google Adwords clicks go no further than the landing page.
How to measure ROI from Google Adwords clicks

Tracking Important Information

How to measure ROI from online directory listings
How to get the best out of your outbound sales phone calls
How to get insights into what led people to complete your enquiry/contact forms.
How to link your incoming enquiries back to their marketing sources.
How to use the date picker tool

Website Strengthening Opportunities

How to sell more of any product or service
How to show visitors from countries (and what that actually means)
How to turn high bounces into more engagement
How to determine the impact of your blogs
How to respond to lack of Google organic keywords showing
How to analyse visitors to a specific page (and where they came from/where they go next)
How to analyse entries to a specific page (and where they go afterwards).
How to create positives and negatives in bespoke reports
How to create a bespoke report (and have it emailed daily or weekly).