For Agencies

A1WebStats for Agencies

While A1WebStats is supplied to companies and organisations directly, it’s also a tool that can be highly beneficial for companies (who we loosely refer to as ‘agencies’) offering services to other companies .   These include:

  • Marketing companies
  • Web developers/designers
  • SEO professionals
  • PR companies
  • Online directories (looking to create loyalty/another revenue stream)
  • IT support companies
  • Business consultants providing advisory services to other businesses
  • Accountants supplying business advice to clients
  • Business support organisations

In short, if you work within a company that would like to white label A1WebStats so that your clients get the benefits, and it’s perceived to be ‘your system’, then we offer that service.   Please see our additional white label solution page for more details, including pricing.

Because A1WebStats helps to provide valuable insights into how visitors are interacting with company websites, including being able to identify the names of companies that have visited (and what they looked at, page by page), it makes sense for existing service providers to be seen as providers of such useful information.

Typical Scenario

You have clients that you’d like to keep and you want an edge over your competitors, who are just itching to take your clients away from you.    You need something that your competitors are unlikely to be offering.


Your client is unaware that their website may not be getting them the best results and is also unlikely to be aware that website visitor patterns can be analysed in more detail.  They will certainly be highly interested in being able to identify that certain companies have visited their website, including the pages they looked at, and for how long.   Within a 30 day free trial you can show your client so much information about website visitors plus website strengths and weaknesses that they’ll be eating out of your hand.


You sign up to A1WebStats (Gold level) on the free trial, which allows you to place a snippet of code on each page of the client website, noting to them that you’ll be bringing them useful information based on doing that.


Within days or weeks you will have useful information about that client website, which you’ll feed back to the client, who will further value your contribution to their business success.  Whether you provide that service for free or for a charge is entirely up to you.  The client remains totally yours.


You may wish to analyse the client website statistics yourself or you may choose to take advantage of our expertise, which we pass onto you, to then pass onto your client.  Whatever option you choose, the end result needs to be that your client views you even more positively than before and the insights you provide lock them in because your competitors are unlikely to be offering this unique add-on service.

Another Typical Scenario

You have a prospective client and you’re looking for an angle that will help them while making it clear that they’ll benefit from you working with them on a paid basis.


You know that the prospective client gets traffic to their website, but that they know very little about how people interact with the website.


You explain to the prospective client that if they commit to installing a snippet of code throughout their website (typically, a 5 minute job), then you will tell them highly useful information about their website visitors, including which companies have visited and what pages each of those people looked at.


You sign up to A1WebStats (Gold level) on the free trial, which provides you with a snippet of code to send to the potential client.


Within days or weeks you will have useful information about that potential client website, which you’ll feed back to the potential client, who will warm to you because of the value of what you’ve provided them with.


You may wish to analyse the potential client website statistics yourself or you may choose to take advantage of our expertise, which we pass onto you, to then pass onto the potential client.  Whatever option you choose, the end result needs to be that your potential client views you positively, which will hopefully lead to you gaining paid work from them.

White Labelling

Your clients don’t need to know who A1WebStats are but they do need to know that you are providing them with a valued service.

We can provide you a version of A1WebStats branded as your company.  This enables you to provide as much or as little additional service to your clients as you want to.

For some clients you may just run reports and send them a link to the reports page (which opens up as your company brand, not A1WebStats).

For other clients you may want to give them access to the reporting functionality, sometimes going through the stats on the phone or in person.  In this scenario you would also have a version of A1WebStats that has your company brand.

Please see our additional white label solution page for more details, including pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After the free trial period, how much can I charge the client if they want to carry on using the system?

If opting for Gold after the free trial month (agencies pay £39 per month including VAT) the payment of that fee is between you and A1WebStats.   It is entirely your choice if you wish to charge your client a higher monthly cost, although it’s worth noting that if they bought directly it would cost £49 + VAT per month.

However, be aware that if you charge a substantially higher cost for purely giving the client access to the system themselves, then you may get caught out in the future, and your client may feel cheated that you charged them more.   If you are adding more value to the client (for example, running some customised reports or actively feeding back information to them) then you have the option to charge a higher price.

In our experience, most ‘agencies’ either charge at cost price or add on a little for extra input.   The real opportunities for you are in the client wanting to use your services to further their own success, having seen problems identified through their website statistics – that’s worth more than making a few £££ each month.   Speak to us about some other ways that you can gain financial benefits from introducing a client to A1WebStats.

Why should I waste my time analysing website statistics for a client that may not spend more with me?

That’s the chance you take.  Obviously, you would first of all assess whether your client (or potential client) was really interested in finding out more about their website visitors.  If they make the right noises then you would sign them up and would invest the time to analyse their website visitors, feeding that information back to them.

The alternative is that one of your competitors will use A1WebStats or something similar, and will show your client things that they think you should have been showing them.  End result: possibly a lost client.

What if my client later finds out who A1WebStats are and chooses to go directly to you, so cutting me out of the loop?

We have systems in place that would stop existing users of A1WebStats from creating a new account.   We would rather turn down potential direct business than endanger our relationship with agencies.

The exception to this is if the end client says that they have no more dealings with you.  In this case we would double check with you first.

Can I have more than one free trial set up at a time?

Yes, you can have as many free trials as you like, all running alongside each other.   If you decide to have a white labelled version of A1WebStats we would combine all your created accounts into one agency account that makes it easy for you to manage them all.

What if I want to resell A1WebStats as a commercial product?

You can do that.  All we would ask is that you have purchased at least 3 subscriptions (Gold) before we create a white labelled presence for you.   You could optionally charge more than the monthly subscription rate you pay A1WebStats.   For example, if you sold 100 x Gold packages at £10 more than the standard price then you would make £1,000 per month.

However, we would advise you not to purely resell the software, but add some value to the end client(s).  If they discovered that they could get the software cheaper by going directly to A1WebStats then that may damage your reputation with the end client(s).

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about utilising A1WebStats with your own branding then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.