Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more regular frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers. If you have any questions that this page doesn’t fully answer then please do contact us – we’ll be happy to help.

Does A1WebStats identify all company names?

While many companies can be easily identified, some are set up in a way that they either hide their identity, are too small to identify (e.g. a company working from a BT broadband setup), or haven’t been configured properly by their internet service provider. Even when companies can’t be identified it’s normal for the majority of users to still see many companies, which gives plenty to work with.  Our system is constantly evolving too, adding more and more companies to the database all the time.

Can I identify companies from anywhere in the world?

Yes, A1WebStats can identify any company, from anywhere, as long as they’re set up so that they can be identified and have been recorded within our database.

What if some companies can't be identified?

With an ever-growing number of companies offering similar services to ourselves, there will be differences in the way things work.  It’s not uncommon for one service provider to show a company name but it’s missed out by another.  The key thing to recognise is that if you are new to such technologies then any visiting companies data you can see is 100% more than you knew about before.   What’s key (in our view) is for you to have good methods to capitalise on those visiting companies, while also thinking “maybe I should make my website stronger so that those companies contact me instead of me having to try and contact them now they’ve left my website?”

Is A1WebStats any use if we only have a small amount of website visitors?

We would advise any company that has small numbers of website visitors to first of all focus on making the website as strong as possible, and then using a small level of online advertising (e.g. via Google Adwords) to drive traffic to the website. It would be an advantage to have A1WebStats in place before doing so because you want to see how each visitor has interacted with the website and whether it needs to be further strengthened. In this scenario you would need to use the Silver offering to view each individual visitor path.