How is A1WebStats different to Lead Forensics?

We get asked this a lot.  You can see the answer on the page A1WebStats vs Lead Forensics.


Can you provide us with a demo?

Demonstrations are pointless if they’re not focusing on your own data.  The purpose of our 30 day free trial is for you to gain detailed insights into your own website visitors.  That is effectively the demo.

During your trial we also offer a telephone run through your data/the system functionality, which ensures that you know everything you need to before the end of your trial.

We also have numerous guides and videos on our website, which demonstrate the functionality available within A1WebStats.


Why are you cheaper than many other systems?

Our target market are small to medium-sized businesses and so we want to provide a product that’s priced in a way that enables those businesses to spend more budget on marketing, which brings further traffic to their websites.

If, for example, you spend £100 per month more than A1WebStats charge (by buying through a competitor), then that’s £100 you’re not spending on traffic generation activities (such as PPC, telesales, and more).

There are of course differences between us an competitors and there may be some features of competitor products that your prefer to pay more for.  This is explored further on our page A1WebStats Competitors.


Can you identify the individual person who visited my website?

There’s a thin line between website visitors intelligence and invading privacy.

There is also the limitation of technology.  Systems such as ours and those of competitors rely on tracking an IP address, which identifies the company, not the person who visited your website from that company.

Some of our competitors offer extra contact information of people within that company, but that data is often of little value because:

  1. You don’t know that the people shown as contacts are the actual people who went to your website. If you reached out to a person, referring to their visit to your website, but it wasn’t actually them, then that’s going to make you look unprofessional.
  2. The data in such systems is often questionable for accuracy.

It may be frustrating to see only a company name but if that visitor hasn’t made contact, there could be several reasons, including:

They’re not ready to buy yet (but you do have the option to use systems such as Google remarketing to keep ‘following’ that visitor in the future).

They think your website isn’t strong enough (which means that you have the opportunity to strengthen the website so that such visitors are more likely to make contact in the future).

Knowing the company name and what pages the person viewed, is just the beginning.  We have produced guides and videos that help you to further capitalise on that information.


What happens after the free trial ends?

During the 30 day free trial you have:

  1. Full access to your data.
  2. Daily reports emailed to you (showing companies that have visited your website).
  3. Tutorial emails sent to you.
  4. The opportunity to discuss your data/system functionality in more detail.

By the end of the 30 days you will either see the benefits or it won’t be right for you at this point.

If you choose to purchase, you can do so directly from within your account.  You can pay month to month or for longer periods if wishing to gain a discount.  All payments are transacted via the website, using either debit/credit card details, or setting up a direct debit to your bank account.

If you don’t choose to purchase, your account stops collecting data but you still have access to view your data from during your trial.

If you decide to come back to us in the future then your account will still be there and you’d need to contact us to restart data collection again.  In some cases we will allow a further trial period (for example, some businesses purely don’t get the time to fully utilise the data within the original trial).


Why do I see a low percentage of companies identified?

Many of our competitors don’t refer to percentages, and don’t make it clear that the data they show you is only part of the overall visitors data related to your website.  They don’t want you to realise that you will probably only see typically 10-30% of all visitors identifiable by company name.

We have a few pages dedicated to this subject, which should be of interest:

The downside of companies tracking

How it works

A simple test

The value of unidentifiable


Can I pay by invoice?

Purely because of administration overheads, we only consider payment by invoice if you choose to pay for 12 months ahead.

If requesting this, we would require a purchase order number from yourselves, confirming that you wish to pay for 12 months.   The invoices are payable immediately on receipt.


I get everything I need from Google Analytics – why should I use A1WebStats?

Google Analytics does supply a lot of useful information but it doesn’t make it easy to dig deep into certain website visitor patterns.   For example, if you wanted to look at every person who landed on page A and also got to page B, but didn’t get to page C within your website, then you can’t do that within Google Analytics but you can in A1WebStats.

Going into more detail, if you wanted to see individual visitor paths for everyone who …

Landed on your Widgets page …

… who were from identifiable companies …

… who got to your contact form …

… but didn’t go to your case studies …

… and were from the USA or United Kingdom …

… who came from Google Adwords …

… and were not tagged as ‘Competitor’ or ‘Client’ …

… within a specific date range …

… then you can with A1WebStats.

If you’re not using analytics to this depth, then your business is failing to capitalise on opportunities.

If you are absolutely convinced that Google Analytics tells you everything you need to know about your website visitors then challenge us to show you (via A1WebStats) where you’re missing out!