Installing javascript code on Wix websites

Posted on:  20th September 2015 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, General  0 comments

Are you looking to install javascript on your Wix website? Unfortunately, you’re very unlikely to be fully successful, due to restrictions within the Wix system. The positive side of Wix Wix is designed to make it relatively easy for people to build websites, without any need for coding skills, and keep everything under one roof. …


Website terms and conditions – who reads them?

Posted on:  22nd August 2014 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, General  0 comments

How many times have you signed up for something online and have ticked the box to accept terms & conditions, without looking into further detail? In many cases you’d be justified to because: You feel like you have no power against the organisation anyway (e.g. Apple, Facebook). They’re so long that you wouldn’t plough through…


The importance of important A1WebStats reports

Posted on:  17th March 2014 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, General  0 comments

What happens when your tracking code disappears We sometimes get contacted by subscribers who report that they don’t have any data tracked over a certain time period.  In the majority of cases there has been a change with the website (e.g. website redevelopment work) and the tracking code hasn’t been inserted again afterwards. No tracking…


Converting international website visitors

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Can your business sell to visitors from overseas?  If so, read on … Look at your website visitors by countries Within the A1WebStats system it’s easy to see which countries your website visitors came from.  Simply go to More Reports – Countries and you’ll see a view similar to this: As the graphic above shows,…


How ‘no more tax discs’ applies to your business

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As from October 2014 there will be no more tax discs for vehicles. What on earth has that got to do with your business?! Probably nothing directly … but in principle – a lot. The impact in general With the death of tax discs comes many outcomes, some of which are: Decreased sales for paper…


BrewDog beers theft and BBC publicity

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Amongst subscribers of A1WebStats we sometimes see spikes in website traffic numbers that are caused by something becoming a ‘hot topic’.  All of a sudden, people are searching online for something related to the business, which drives more traffic to their website.  It’s not unusual to see such a spike last for several days. Looking…


What we’ve learnt in 2013

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Every business gets to the end of each year and considers how they’ve evolved, which helps in planning the future. Here at A1WebStats, 2013 has given us the privilege of insights into hundreds of company websites, via their data, often speaking with those businesses about their website strengths and weaknesses. Something we’ve learnt is that,…


It’s a record!

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All A1WebStats subscribers get a free 30 day trial and if they utilise the system fully, the benefits lead to a paid subscription. Normally, people get close to the end of their trials before committing to paying but we’ve just witnessed a record because we’ve had a trial subscriber who chose to pay within 5…


Are people rude, busy, or both?

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At A1WebStats we offer everyone a free trial of the system, which is supported by a process that enables people to get the best from the trial.  While we have many who buy after the trial, we are disappointed with those who get to the end of the trial but don’t respond to our invitations…


Audi A6 keys stuck in boot

Posted on:  15th May 2013 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, General  1 comment

You may wonder what that blog title has to do with website success, and in particular, the A1WebStats system. Bear with me … It was a cold and wet windy night in Maidstone, when we had finished our Entrepreneurs Circle meeting, hosted by the one and only Ian George.   Most people had gone home, except…