A1WebStats vs Lead Forensics

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If you’ve found this page then it’s likely that you’ve been approached by Lead Forensics, or are an existing subscriber to their service, and may be looking for alternatives.  If you’re current trialling Lead Forensics then you may be interested in our guide to Lead Forensics pricing, and then return to this page. If you’re…


Lead Forensics Price Increase 2015

Posted on:  18th December 2014 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Lead Forensics  0 comments

It’s December 2014 and Lead Forensics continue to use sales tactics that are, putting it kindly, ‘interesting’. We’ve had people on the phone telling us that Lead Forensics sales people have been telling them that they’re raising their prices in 2015 and so now is the time to buy. We’ve also seen tweets such as…


Equity Red Star Complaints

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Update 2015 – due to the popular Google positioning for this blog, and to save you time, if you are looking to complain about Equity Red Star, then this blog doesn’t contain their contact details.  However, if you are interested in them from the viewpoint of the pitfalls when considering using them, then please feel…


The longevity of your business

Posted on:  7th October 2014 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Website Strength  2 comments

If your business has been established for only a few years then this blog may not interest you much.  However, if your business is 20+ years old then the usage of longevity as a sales tool on your website could be of interest to you. Who would you rather do business with? A company that’s…


PPC vs organic SEO/Social – Fee vs Free

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PPC advertising (Google Adwords) costs money, whereas organic SEO/social media visibility can effectively be ‘free’. But there’s a challenge in that ‘free’ because achieving the organic visibility (primarily, in Google), or enough visitors via social media is going to take time and resources. Unless you have budgets to call in the experts (and even then…


Strengthen the website before getting the visibility

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On the BBC website recently there was a story that should have been a total money-spinner for the person/company mentioned in it.   That story focused on a 3 foot wasp nest found on a bed, the details of which are here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-hampshire-28949601. It’s not exactly easy to get a story on the BBC website, not…


Attention to detail in PR activity

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We had a midweek chuckle today when we saw this PR release focusing on how The Kipsen Company had partnered with Lead Forensics … The chuckle came when we looked up the contact details at the bottom … … and then went to the Kipsen website, which displays (10th September 2014) like this: Far from…


Stop wasting money on online directories

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We’ve written about online directories in the past: http://www.a1webstats.com/2014/03/20/find-needle-good/ http://www.a1webstats.com/2013/09/18/is-applegate-any-good/ For some businesses, it’s an advantage to be listed within online directories but for the majority (from what we see in the data we accumulate), it’s a relatively pointless exercise.  If you’re paying to be listed within an online directory, or are considering it, the…


Change to daily companies report Excel extract

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For those of you who open up your daily A1WebStats companies visited report and export the data to Excel, you’ll notice some differences from today. New columns You’ll now see some new columns appearing in the Excel exports.  These are detailed as follows … Visit Duration – how long the visitor was on the website…


Targeting companies that visit your website

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The most common question we receive is a variation on: “I can see that companies have been to my website, but I don’t know the person who it was and am unsure how to get a foot in the door of that company?” From those people we speak to, we see a wide difference in…