Why are A1WebStats like Leicester City?

Posted on:  3rd May 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Customer Focus  0 comments

Even those who aren’t football fans can’t have missed the news that Leicester City took the Premiership title on 2nd May, sending shockwaves through to their much larger competitors. A football club that had odds of 5,000-1 (to win the title) at the start of the football season, who had relatively little investment, and no-one…


How to see if enquirers are telling the truth

Posted on:  31st March 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Enquiries Tracking  0 comments

One of the more fun (and sometimes useful) aspects of A1WebStats is having the ability to dig into the details of anyone who has contacted you via your website. There are three main ways people will contact you: By phone. By email. By enquiry/contact form. While you can use A1WebStats to link enquiry/contact form and…


Too busy to use A1WebStats properly?

Posted on:  22nd March 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Analytics Mindset  0 comments

‘Too busy’ are two words that most of us use too often. You may feel you’re ‘too busy’ to read through this blog.  But persevere, it could be the most beneficial thing you’ll do today … At A1WebStats we keep in contact with trial and paying subscribers by: Emails that provide tips on how to…


Could you be selling more to other countries?

Posted on:  14th March 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Website Strength  0 comments

If your A1WebStats data shows reasonable numbers of visitors from other countries, then you may look at that in two ways: We don’t sell to those countries and so those visitors are just ‘noise’ to us. We would like to sell more to other countries so are wondering why we don’t get more enquiries from…


Lead Forensics Reviews 2016

Posted on:  24th February 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Lead Forensics  0 comments

Lead Forensics reviews over the years Over the past years we have analysed the Google results that appear when searching for ‘Lead Forensics Reviews’. We’ve done that because: People who are considering Lead Forensics want to gain other perspectives before committing to what is a long-term and costly commitment (compared to other solutions on the…


Google Adwords adverts gone from right of the page

Posted on:  22nd February 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, PPC  0 comments

Google kills right-hand-side adverts Although not totally rolled out at the time of writing (22 February 2016), Google Adwords are now only going to show adverts on the left-hand-side of the page, above and below the organic search results. Currently, some searches are bringing up adverts on the right-hand-side but that’s going to change soon…


Why the Google Adwords IP address exclusion limit is unethical

Posted on:  15th February 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, IP Addresses, PPC  2 comments

A1WebStats subscribers can see the IP address for every visitor to their website.  Where they can be identified, it’s useful to see the organisation associated with those IP addresses, which is one of the functions people most like about A1WebStats. Taking an example, the screenshot below shows details of a company that visited the website,…


Using partial url to analyse visitors to website sections

Posted on:  3rd February 2016 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Pages  0 comments

Are there sections of your website that you’d like to analyse in more detail, to determine how effectively they attract traffic and retain the interest of those website visitors? Websites that have a defined structure to urls make it incredibly easy to analyse certain types of visitor pathways to specific parts of the website –…