Who uses Google remarketing?

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-+*Love them or hate them, one aspect of Google advertising is very powerful: Google Remarketing For those who haven’t heard of it before – when you’re browsing around the web and see adverts appear (typically, graphics, but sometimes text only), related to websites you’ve been to before … that’s likely Google remarketing in action. For…


Lead Forensics frustration at losing business

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-+*Business can be tough and competitors are always a consideration. So it was perhaps no surprise that someone at Lead Forensics would get to the point of doing something daft, probably in frustration at losing so much business to both ourselves and others in our industry.  Read on for the preamble followed by the specific…


Make it easy for people to buy

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-+*This is brilliant – a fantastic example of a website that makes it so incredibly easy to buy – http://www.headsets4business.co.uk. If your business sells products directly from the website then there are some tips to pick up here.  If you don’t sell products from your website, you may still get something from this … Here’s…


No reply email address – why it’s a no-no

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-+*It seems that the bigger the business, the more likely they’ll fall foul of the customer focus horror story of the ‘no reply’ email address. Few things are more insulting than to receive an email, to want to reply to it, and then the reply being rejected because it’s been set up as a ‘no…


Unlimited business training courses in Birmingham for £2.45 a day. Really?!

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-+*Unlimited business training courses in Birmingham for £2.45 a day.  Really?! We’ve all seen offers that make us think “yeah, that’s too good to be true – where’s the catch?” – particularly online. So how do businesses with genuinely good offers stand out from the crowd? In our case (A1WebStats), how does a business whose…


Lead Forensics vs Google Analytics vs A1WebStats

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-+*Something that amuses us greatly is when we get calls from trial subscribers who tell us what people at Lead Forensics have said to them when they mention that they’re using A1WebStats for deeper analytical purposes. The battle goes a bit like this: Company signs up for a trial of Lead Forensics and then A1WebStats…


Lead Forensics Competitors

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-+*If you’re reading this then it’s quite likely that you either: Are an existing customer of Lead Forensics, or; Have been approached by Lead Forensics and are looking for their competitors to see what else is available. Good news: you’re in the right place.   We’re not here to bash Lead Forensics Lead Forensics are…


A1WebStats vs Everyone Else

Posted on:  28th September 2015 In Category: A1WebStats Blog, Analytics Mindset  1 comment

-+*Of all the enquiries we receive, the most commonly heard is similar to: What are the differences between A1WebStats and X? (where X would be other products that the enquirer is considering trialling). Sometimes, there’s an X, Y, and Z, when people want to compare us to a range of other products. Most commonly, people…


Installing javascript code on Wix websites

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-+*Are you looking to install javascript on your Wix website? Unfortunately, you’re very unlikely to be fully successful, due to restrictions within the Wix system. The positive side of Wix Wix is designed to make it relatively easy for people to build websites, without any need for coding skills, and keep everything under one roof. …


Lead Forensics sales tactics

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-+*We feel it’s time to right some wrongs because we’ve long been aware of some Lead Forensics sales tactics that are, at best, misleading. The purpose of this blog is to be updated from time to time, as we become aware of more.  It was last checked and updated in June 2015. We consider ourselves…