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A1WebStats’ data helps us better optimise our marketing spend and helps our sales team identify and actively pursue companies that visit our website often which can be identified as them having a higher level of interest. 

Kamila Cholko

Case Study – The Football Ground

The Football Ground is a website that’s a breath of fresh air for football fans as it aggregates numerous data sources about each football club, making it truly a one stop shop for fans of individual clubs.. See the full case study & testimonial …

I would recommend that those looking for an analytics reporting solution somewhere between Google Analytics and comScore would do well to trial A1WebStats.

Mark Rasdall
The Football Ground

Case Study – immediate benefits leading to becoming an integral part of marketing strategy

Easily identifying sales prospects and identifying under-performing website pages and campaigns.

Thanks A1Webstats – you have helped arm our marketing and sales departments with very valuable and actionable data – the software has already paid for itself many times over in sales achieved.  Keep up the good work!

David Rolf
Armchair Call Handling

Your Leisure

Got to say – loving A1 Web Stats – I’m addicted!

Dean Martin
Your Leisure

Pinpoint GPS Solutions


Every time we need assistance or clarification on anything, they respond immediately and even take time to help us understand the program completely.

Jeanne Castor
Pinpoint GPS Solutions

Hallam Internet

We’ve been able to contact many of the companies that have visited our site, which has identified new leads and even secured us new clients. We’re happy to recommend A1 Webstats.

Susan Hallam
Hallam Internet

Case Study – looking for return on investment

Using referrers data, this subscriber can identify which visitors are coming from certain websites, then comparing those visitors to the number of enquiries gained. This helps to identify which websites generated the stronger levels of enquiries. See the full case study.

Case Study – linking keyword phrases to website changes needed

By comparing numbers of visitors who went to particular website pages to the number of enquiries about each product, this subscriber was able to see which parts of the website needed strengthening. See the full case study.

This proves for a fact that we need to invest more time in our website strength and less time on driving traffic to it.

Caroline Lawton
Plane and Simple

Case Study – identifying which sources of advertising work best

By analysing the visitor paths of people who made contact, this business was able to accurately identify which sources of advertising were working best for them. This included the revelation that their website SEO wasn’t as strong as it was perceived to be and that magazine advertising was working for them. See the full case study.

If I hadn’t seen the statistics with my own eyes I wouldn’t have believed that those website pages were stopping many people from making contact. The visible evidence doesn’t lie though – this is clever stuff.

Paul Keeble
East Coast Heating

Case Study – identifying website weaknesses

By identifying the page by page movements of companies that didn’t make contact, this subscriber identified opportunities to strengthen their website. See the full case study.