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Case Studies

Please see below recent case studies from our customers. If you are using our system and would like to provide any feedback to us then please contact us.

Case Study – identifying which sources of advertising work best

By analysing the visitor paths of people who made contact, this business was able to accurately identify which sources of advertising were working best for them. This included the revelation that their website SEO wasn’t as strong as it was perceived to be and that magazine advertising was working for them. See the full case study.

Case Study – looking for return on investment

Using referrers data, this subscriber can identify which visitors are coming from certain websites, then comparing those visitors to the number of enquiries gained. This helps to identify which websites generated the stronger levels of enquiries. See the full case study.

Case Study – analysing every company that visited

By looking at every company that went to the website and identifying them as either client, potential client, or competitor, Metcalfe Briggs apply different strategies to each visitor type. See the full case study.

Case Study – capitalising on lost opportunities

Being able to identify the name of the visiting company and the keyword phrase they used, this subscriber was able to gain good insights into what their prospective clients were interested in. See the full case study.

Case Study – confirming the need for website changes

High Google Adwords costs led to analysis of those individual visitors, using the A1WebStats system. This led to changes to the Adwords campaign and also strengthening of the website, leading to lower cost per aquisition. See the full case study.

Case Study – linking keyword phrases to website changes needed

By comparing numbers of visitors who went to particular website pages to the number of enquiries about each product, this subscriber was able to see which parts of the website needed strengthening. See the full case study.

Case Study – being visible for the wrong keyword phrases

What’s worse than not being visible in Google? Being visible under the wrong types of keyword phrases and getting an artificially inflated view of website visitor numbers. See the full case study.