Case Studies

Case Study – automated reports of opportunities emailed to specific staff members

Harvard Engineering are world leaders in technology solutions for the lighting industry.

As a business that wants to constantly build on success, they started using A1WebStats, initially to gain a better understanding of the companies visiting their website.

Using the automated reports generation functionality, individual staff members receive regular reports related to the part of the website that is of most interest to them. This leads to opportunities that range from identifying companies interested in specific products, through to seeing reasons to further strengthen the website.


Case Study – paying for the system before spending a penny

Redblu Graphics & Displays are printers in Scotland who provide services in four key areas; Exhibition Stands, Portable displays, Creative Graphics and Print Solutions.

They used A1WebStats on their previous website, which needed to provide more enquiries.  They had looked at another analytics solution but wanted something more cost-effective.  After installing the free 30 day trial they quickly identified a company that had visited their website, that looked at certain pages, and that was a potential buyer.   They made contact with that company, converted them to a paying customer, and chose to invest in A1WebStats for the year ahead at the discounted rate (which is an option, although most subscribers pay month to month).

In short, using the system initially for free led to business that paid for the system after their free trial.  This is quite common amongst trial subscribers who often capitalise on knowing which companies visited their website (and what they looked at).  In fact, it’s practically impossible for any business to use the free 30 days trial and NOT gain information that pays for the software over and over.


Case Study – identifying website weaknesses

Envirogard is a company that supplies industrial hire equipment to companies throughout the UK.   They use A1WebStats to provide a regular view of which companies have visited the website.  By comparing those company names to the list of hire enquiries that have been received, those that didn’t make contact can be identified.

For each company that didn’t make contact, Envirogard look at the individual details of their visit to determine the reasons why each company didn’t find enough reason to make contact.   As a result, ongoing website refinement opportunities are highlighted for implementation.   As changes are made, the levels of enquiries increase.


Case Study – capitalising on lost opportunities

Graphocentric is a company that provides handwriting analysis services.  The world of handwriting analysis has changed over the years and there are lower barriers to entry, which means more competition for Graphocentric.   However, in the view of Graphocentric, their standards of handwriting analysis are at a much higher level than many others.

A1WebStats allows the company owner to identify website visitors who had been searching Google on phrases such as ‘handwriting analysis’ and who are from law firms.   If those law firms didn’t make contact then Graphocentric pick up the phone to have a conversation about the higher level of quality offered.  Without the ability to identify visiting companies and what they looked at on the website, Graphocentric wouldn’t be aware of those potential clients who had visited.


Case Study – looking for return on investment

Lighthouse Safety provide Health & Safety training courses and invest in various forms of marketing.   One form is via websites used by people in the armed forces.   Lighthouse Safety Training use A1WebStats to measure what return on investment is being gained, comparing enquiries gained to overall traffic from websites such as those used by armed forces people.    By using the Referrers report they can see exactly how many people came in from those other websites, can look at the details of how each person interacted with the Lighthouse Safety Training website pages, and can compare to the course booking enquiries gained.


Case Study – comparing enquiries to visitor data

Major Project Finance is a company that provides financing for huge projects to companies worldwide.  The process to arrange financing is time-consuming, including interactions with applicants after they’ve made contact via the website.   Some people that apply for financing are time-wasters or are shopping around other websites and A1WebStats helps Major Project Finance to gain an initial view of how serious the applicants are.

For each enquiry gained, Major Project Finance look at the corresponding website visitor path.  If they see that the visitor has spent barely any time on each page before making contact, the application goes lower down the priority list.   If the visitor appears to have looked at certain pages, implying that they are fully investigating this method of financing, then they are given higher priority.


Case Study – linking keyword phrases to website changes needed

Plane & Simple create high quality wooden play equipment for mainly schools and commercial projects.   They use A1WebStats in a variety of ways but one method is to analyse whether particular website pages are getting strong enough results.   By using the Keywords functionality they can see all the keyword phrases that brought people to their website within a period of time.   By then filtering that list by certain criteria they can analyse visitors who had typed phrases related to particular products available.   By comparing the numbers of those visitors, and the ways in which they interacted with the website, to the levels of enquiries for each product, Plane & Simple can then see whether website changes would be necessary to increase the levels of enquiries.


Case Study – confirming the need for website changes

Sash Glass, like so many companies, have a business that brings in ‘enough’ but wanted to go to the next level.   A1WebStats has been instrumental in making the decision to change aspects of both the website itself and also the Google Adwords campaign.   Over an initial period of a few weeks the data clearly showed that, although still profitable, the company was spending a high cost per enquiry.  This led to changes to the Google Adwords campaign and also to changes to the website so that it converts more visitors to enquiries.


Case Study – getting more out of SEO

Kent Sectional Buildings make and supply wooden garden buildings.  They had been through a process of SEO, which raised the visibility of their website.  Although that increased levels of enquiries it wasn’t to the level that was expected.

Using A1WebStats the company was able to see strong levels of website visitors landing on specific product pages.  By comparing the numbers of people landing on those pages to the numbers of enquiries gained about each product type, Kent Sectional Buildings realised that those product pages needed to be stronger.  This led to the creation of PDF downloads with each product page, which has increased levels of enquiries.


Case Study – cutting down on wasted Adwords clicks

Top Villas had an Adwords campaign that generated plenty of clicks and reasonable levels of enquiries.  They wanted to know whether they should raise their clicks budget.  Using A1WebStats they were able to identify numerous Adwords clicks that were of no benefit to them.  By refining the Adwords campaign the clicks to enquiries ratio went up and so they were in a position to confidently raise their clicks budget through knowing that the wastage had been cut down.


Case Study – identifying which sources of advertising work best

East Coast Heating provide plumbing services and advertise in various ways.  Enquiries and business was routinely gained but there was no method of measuring which form of advertising worked the best.

Through a process of recording the date and time of all enquiries gained, East Coast Heating used A1WebStats to link the enquiries dates and times to any website visitors at that time.  In many cases the data matched up, showing that the website (in particularly, the Adwords campaign) led to many of the enquiries.  It was also found that other enquiries gained, that were perceived to have originated from the website itself, came from magazine advertising which had the website url, which people typed in and then, having found what they wanted on the website, those people made contact.


Case Study – being visible for the wrong keyword phrases

The Riding Arenas company had a website built and optimised, trusting their web developer to do a good job.  However, they weren’t getting the enquiries that were hoped for.  Through using A1WebStats it was quickly proven that the keyword phrases used to optimise the website were often not the types of phrases that potential buyers would type.  When the company used the A1WebStats keywords tool to identify how few people came to the website under the desired search phrases, they were shocked.  And then they put changes in place.


Case Study – settling a dispute between agency and client

An agency built a website for a client, incorporating SEO work.  However, the client didn’t contribute as much input to the build process as would have been desired.  The client was of the view that the website wasn’t working but the agency was of the view that the client hadn’t put enough effort into the website content. A1WebStats helped to prove that the SEO was in place and that numerous people were landing on relevant website pages.

By comparing those numbers of people to the numbers of enquiries, the agency was able to prove to the client that it was the website strength at fault and not the SEO.


Case Study – a need to call in the experts

A law firm had created their own Google Adwords account, against the recommendation of their website consultants.  The Adwords campaign was very weak and generated much traffic that was poor quality.

Due to internal politics it became necessary to use A1WebStats to prove the lack of website pages movement gained, once people landed from the Adwords campaign adverts.   The figures proved that over 90% of clicks led to nothing, which was enough evidence for the law firm to call in the experts to fix their Adwords account.


Case Study – analysing every company that visited

Metcalfe Briggs are Chartered Surveyors who cover London, Kent, and Essex.

Companies that visit the website are existing clients, potential clients, and competitors.   Metcalfe Briggs look at every company who visited to determine what that means to them.   When a company has made contact, they can refer back to what brought that company to the website.  When existing clients go to the website, Metcalfe Briggs can see that ongoing interaction.   When potential clients have been to the website but haven’t made contact, decisions can be made about whether the website needs to be further strengthened.