Case Studies

Please see below recent case studies from our customers. If you are using our system and would like to provide any feedback to us then please contact us.

Case Study – paying for the system before spending a penny

This 30 day trial subscriber used A1WebStats to identify a visiting company, made contact with them, and gained their business within a day. That paid for the A1WebStats system for the year ahead. All without spending a penny initially. See the full case study.

Case Study – comparing enquiries to visitor data

Instead of responding immediately to enquiries gained, this company analyses which pages those people visited and how long they spent on each page. Then they focus on those who appeared to be more serious, based on their website movements. See the full case study.

Case Study – getting more out of SEO

By comparing numbers of people landing on specific product pages, to the number of enquiries gained about each product, it highlighted the opportunitity to strengthen some website pages where the enquiries vs landers ratio wasn’t good enough. See the full case study.

Case Study – a need to call in the experts

When a law firm created their own Google Adwords account, it was A1WebStats that helped to prove how inefficient it was. See the full case study.

Case Study – settling a dispute between agency and client

When a client accused their agency of failing in their SEO work, A1WebStats helped to prove that the agency has done their job and it was the the client that had failed to provide strong website content. See the full case study.

Case Study – automated reports of opportunities emailed to specific staff members

An example of using individual reports emailed to staff who are interested in company visitors to specific parts of the website. See the full case study.

Case Study – identifying website weaknesses

By identifying the page by page movements of companies that didn’t make contact, this subscriber identified opportunities to strengthen their website. See the full case study.

Case Study – cutting down on wasted Adwords clicks

By identifying Adwords clicks that weren’t leading to much website interaction, A1WebStats helped to weed out weak keyword phrases and focus the budget on phrases that resulted in visitors looking at the website in more detail. See the full case study.

Case Study – identifying which sources of advertising work best

By analysing the visitor paths of people who made contact, this business was able to accurately identify which sources of advertising were working best for them. This included the revelation that their website SEO wasn’t as strong as it was perceived to be and that magazine advertising was working for them. See the full case study.

Case Study – looking for return on investment

Using referrers data, this subscriber can identify which visitors are coming from certain websites, then comparing those visitors to the number of enquiries gained. This helps to identify which websites generated the stronger levels of enquiries. See the full case study.