About the Company

A1WebStats was born out of awareness that businesses are suffering through websites that aren’t performing effectively enough. Our company roots are in over 10 years of working with client companies on a one-to-one basis, helping them to gain significantly more business from their websites.

Since 2004 we have been using website statistics analysis tools to identify website visitors patterns and most importantly, identify companies that have visited websites and which pages they viewed.

We continue to be appalled that a lack of regulation in the ‘web’ industry makes it possible for SEO companies to provide a service to their clients but their focus is purely on driving traffic to websites. We’ve always firmly believed:

What’s the point of sending traffic to a website that’s not properly able to convert that traffic into good levels of enquiries/sales?

We had a challenge in that, however expert we are at advising companies on website strategy (through using a combination of website analytics and our expertise), we could only take on a certain level of clients. We also felt that the majority of companies/organisations wouldn’t have the budget to invest in our expertise or may want to take more control themselves.

So we created a software package that can be free, very cheap, or scale up in line with buyer requirements.

There are other website statistics analysis packages on the market that supply elements of what A1WebStats does. However, few of them make it easy for companies to focus on the website visitors data that should be of most interest, and none of them offer higher levels of support (that are offered in our Gold and Platinum subscriptions).

So we created A1WebStats to provide companies with a free or very cheap way of understanding how their websites are performing (or not!), firmly focused on the key elements of:

  • Which companies are visiting your website?
  • Which pages do they look at, and for how long on each page?
  • Did they make contact/buy something?

A1WebStats provides companies with the ability to understand what is being gained from the current levels of website visibility, which enables sensible decisions to be made about how much resource should be put into promoting websites.

We are a passionate team of website effectiveness and SEO experts who want nothing more than to help companies grow stronger through a much better understanding of how websites are performing, followed by changes that will make the websites generate more business.

In our own small way we want to shift the common perception that good search engine positioning is vital – to a position whereby companies understand that it’s more beneficial to analyse website visitor patterns, make refinements as necessary, and only then focus more on raising online visibility.