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Do any of these frustrations apply to you?

  • Your website doesn’t generate enough enquiries/sales leads?
  • You don’t know which companies have visited your website, or how they interacted with it?
  • You’re using Google Analytics or other website statistics analysis packages, but the data is of limited use?
  • Parts of your website aren’t performing, but you don’t have an easy way to prove it?

You probably have a certain amount of information available to you.  You may be able to see:

  • Numbers of website visitors
  • How many pages they viewed
  • What keywords visitors typed
  • … and perhaps more

But you probably can’t see the detail of how each individual visitor interacted with your website.   If you sold widgets and someone came to your website having typed ‘buy widgets’ into Google, wouldn’t you want to know what company they were from and which pages they looked at on your website?

Well now you can with A1WebStats.

The good news is that the A1WebStats Gold subscription is totally free for the first 30 days.

No credit card details are needed.

If you don’t want to keep using the system after 30 days then that’s your choice.

If you do subscribe you will have a choice of paying either only £49 + VAT per month (Gold subscription) or £64.16 + VAT per month (Platinum subscription).  The value of the information gained from A1WebStats will repay itself over and over and if you use the system fully within the 30 day trial period you can easily recoup the investment even before paying for a subscription.

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Here are some of the key features of A1WebStats and how you can benefit from them …

Companies that visited your website

What companies or organisations have visited your website, when, what did they type to find you, and which pages did they view and for how long?   The information you gain from this feature is like gold dust.

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Keyword phrases and who typed them

Find out not only what keyword phrases brought people to your website but for each person who typed those phrases, how they interacted with your website and what company they were from.

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Visited pages

See how many visitors went to individual pages during a time period and then look at the details of how each of those visitors interacted with the website overall, including their visit to the page of interest.

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Common visitor paths

Are there certain routes people take through your website that indicate something isn’t working as well as it should be?  Common visitor paths gives you insights into what parts of your website aren’t performing well enough.

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Entry and Exit pages

Which pages did people land on when they arrived at your website?  And where did they exit from?  After their entry and before their exit from those pages, how did they interact with your website?

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What’s better than being able to see which other websites sent visitors to your website?  Being able to see how each of those people interacted with your website pages, including what companies those visitors were from.

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Visitor countries

Want to gain a better insight into how visitors from individual countries interact with your website?  With Visitor countries you can analyse all visitors from individual countries, right down to the level of what pages they looked at and for how long, and what companies there were from.

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Installation is easy and all you need for 30 days free use of A1WebStats on your website is to sign up using the button below.

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