One of the more fun (and sometimes useful) aspects of A1WebStats is having the ability to dig into the details of anyone who has contacted you via your website.

There are three main ways people will contact you:

  1. By phone.
  2. By email.
  3. By enquiry/contact form.

While you can use A1WebStats to link enquiry/contact form and phone enquiries back to those visits on your website (ask us how if you’re not sure), here we’re focusing on an example of an email enquiry.

Not all enquiries gained are people wanting to buy your products or services.  Here’s an example of one we received, trying to sell to us:


Nothing odd there you may think – just a bloke called Jack who is trying to get a bit of business.

You may think he’s a bit conscientious because:

  1. He is an avid reader of our website.
  2. He refers to two blogs where he thought the content was great.
  3. He supplies some examples of his own posts.

But let’s look a bit deeper because we know the date and time he made contact, which means we can find his visit within the A1WebStats data …


In the screenshot above showing the website visit, there are a few aspects that contradict our first impressions …

  1. 0 day(s) since last visit – this means that far from being an avid reader, that person hadn’t been to our website before.
  2. The first blog he referred to as ‘great’, he spent 3 seconds on.
  3. He’s from India, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean his name may not be ‘Jack Dawson’, it does raise suspicion when his email address (see the first screenshot) has a different spelling – jackdowson).

The point of this blog entry is to highlight that just because people say something when they contact you via your website, it’s worth digging into the data so that you can get the real view of how they interacted with your website, where they were from, and whether you get a warm feeling about them or not.

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