Are there sections of your website that you’d like to analyse in more detail, to determine how effectively they attract traffic and retain the interest of those website visitors?

Websites that have a defined structure to urls make it incredibly easy to analyse certain types of visitor pathways to specific parts of the website – in a way that’s much more detailed/insightful than Google Analytics can provide.

As an example, take the website, which has specific sections including:

  • Locations
  • Sectors

Taking ‘Sectors’ as an example, it starts off with and then goes into deeper pages such as,, etc. as you can see below.


While there’s benefit in analysing visitors to specific pages, there’s actually more benefit in analysing broader patterns to begin with.

Taking a sample month of the above website, the total visitors were 402.

Because ‘Sectors’ are pages that people should ideally be viewing as part of their website visit, we want to gain an insight into the numbers of people visiting any of the sectors pages.

To do this within A1WebStats, go to Pages – Visited Pages from the main navigation bar.  Then use the ‘Search Query’ box in the top left to enter a partial url followed by clicking on ‘Search’.   In the example here we have filtered the visited pages just by those with /sectors in the url.



This shows the visits (i.e. page views, not individual visitors) to each ‘sectors’ page.   To get a view of how many individual visitors got to the sectors pages, we click on ‘Select All’ and then on ‘Create Report, which gives us the detail view as in the example below.


This shows us that a total of 31 visitors got as far as any urls with /sectors in them, during the analysis period.

We then consider that 31 as a percentage of overall visitors (402) and decide whether that’s good or not.

From here you can spend time browsing through all those people who got to that part of your website, noting:

  1. How many landed on those specific pages.
  2. How many found their way to those pages, having entered the website by a different route.

It’s recommended to focus attention on the following …

  1. If visitors to those section pages are very weak (compared to overall traffic) then take actions to drive more traffic to those website pages either from internal links or from direct traffic landing on those pages.
  2. If visitors to those section pages are stronger but enquiries aren’t to a reasonable level (in comparison to traffic levels) then look at the strength of those website pages and how people navigate to and from them (including duration time), which leads to you strengthening the website content.

If you don’t have a website with clearly defined urls (that make it easy to analyse patterns by section), then it’s a worthwhile time/cost investment to make such changes so that you then have an easier task of analysing patterns.

If you would like help on using the A1WebStats system to analyse your own data patterns, then we’re here to help.



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