The A1WebStats system makes it easy for you to identify when competitors have been to your website.  It also lets you tag visiting companies as being a ‘Competitor’ so that you can quickly identify when they’ve been back to your website.

In the same way that it’s probably of interest to you when certain company names (prospects) show up as being visitors to your website, it should also be of interest when competitors are visiting you.

The graph below is worth explaining …

Graph showing competitor visits










What that graph shows is the number of times per month (2012 to date) when a particular competitor came to our website.  It goes from 3 visits in January up to 12 visits in December so far.  While the visits differ from month to month, the overall trend is upwards.

When we take that raw data out of A1WebStats and turn it into a graph (easily done via Excel) then we build up a picture of a competitor that’s increasingly coming back to our website.

There could be various reasons for that happening but in this case, it’s most likely to be the fact that they know that they’re losing business to us and so they’re very closely watching what we’re doing, probably making plans accordingly. The more we see them visiting, the more we know that we’re doing well.

For any company, being able to identify when competitors are going to the website, and the regularity of those visits, it’s possible to build up a picture over time.   If, for example,  Company A went to a website many times over several months then it could imply that they’re looking at what the competition is doing, purely because they’re not doing so well themselves.

Something else worth considering is looking at the overall level of competitors visiting your website.  If you tag visiting companies as ‘Competitor’ in A1WebStats then you can extract data over a period of time to see overall how many times your competitors (as a group) visit your website each month.  If you see that overall number rising over time then it could imply that the market you’re in is suffering and so people are looking around at what their competitors are doing on their websites.

For the sake of just a few minutes to extract the data and then convert it into a graph, it could be a useful exercise to go through.

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