Competition in any industry sector should be encouraged and is healthy.  People get more choice and the strong prosper.

While we don’t see ourselves as being directly comparable to many other analytics type products (we think we are, and will continue to be, quite different in our approach), we have heard (from people who contact us) many comments about us from those who would consider themselves to be competitors.  Some of those comments aren’t very kind (or true) while others are more generic.

Either way, we’re flattered.

We’re also flattered when our name appears online.  An example of this can currently be seen on the page  The relevant part of that page can be seen in the screenshot below …

Top ‘competitor’ or a text ordering glitch?

We’re not sure whether it was deliberate to list us first in the comparison list (after all, if the list was alphabetical then we assume WOW Analytics would be last) but if it was based on perception of who is the most serious competitor, then we suppose that we’ll just have to accept that positioning in the sentence.

Granted, we’d have preferred it if the company name was listed correctly (A1WebStats, rather than A1 Webstats) but we don’t mind too much as we see all sorts of naming variations bring people to our website.

Also, it would be kind of nice if the information provided was accurate.  Specifically, the point “offers the most detailed information on unknown visitors”.  Er, sorry – not true!  Our own subscribers happily tell us (having used/trialled Lead Forensics) that we provide a lot more information about overall visitors.  In fact, we provide details about every visitor to the website, regardless of how prettily that information is provided.

Ask yourself what analytics software should really be used for

This is a really important point to make because (in our view), companies should get insights into EVERY website visitor, even when it’s not possible to identify every detail about them.  While some businesses (the minority) are purely interested in seeing which companies went to their website and what they looked at, many other, more enlightened businesses are interested in looking deeper into the data available.  Just because a website visitor may not be identifiable by company name, doesn’t mean they should be ignored – it may not be possible to contact an anonymous visitor as a result of their website visit but if enough ‘anonymous’ visitors use the website in a certain (negative) way, then that’s very useful information to have.

Using software to identify companies that have visited websites, and then acting on that information, is still an industry in its infancy.  But is it the real answer?   We think not.  In fact, we think that, even though we offer such data with our system, it makes a lot more sense to use analytics software to identify website and online weaknesses, before then making positive changes that result in more of the visitors making contact (and therefore, reducing the need to be following up on companies who visited but who didn’t make contact).

Free publicity

And finally, if anyone else who considers themselves competitors to A1WebStats, feels the urge to refer to us in their website pages, then please do go ahead.   We really do appreciate the extra searches for our company name (and the people who go on to sign up for the free trial as a result).

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