A1WebStats can help you to decide how much time to invest (or not) in enquiries that come in via your website.

A very typical scenario

  1. An enquiry comes in via email, enquiry form, or telephone.
  2. You spend time on responding to the enquiry.
  3. The enquiry leads to nothing, often not even a courteous ‘thanks for the response’.

If you’re familiar with the scenario above then you’re in good company because there are, unfortunately, many people who feel it’s acceptable to shop around (typically based on price) and waste the time of busy business people.

Here’s an example of an enquiry form that came into a company, via their website:

On the surface it looks promising and it looks as if it’s worth spending time responding to.

Avoiding wasted time by utilising A1WebStats

This is where A1WebStats becomes useful because you can do the following:

  1. Knowing the date and time the enquiry came in, look at the visitor paths in the A1WebStats data.
  2. Determine how serious the enquirer is, by looking at how they interacted with the website pages.

That enquiry above was linked back to the website movements shown in the screenshot below …

What you see is that the person entered the website on one page, spent 3 seconds on that page, 2 seconds on another page, then 30 seconds on a page (that wasn’t actually a relevant page in this case).   Then they spent a couple of minutes on the Contact page and completed the enquiry form.   After getting to the ‘Thank you’ page they backed out of the website, more than likely to the Google search results.

The fact that they spent minimal time looking at the pages and then backed out to the Google search results implies that they’re shopping around numerous websites – more than likely focusing on costs.

If the recipient of this enquiry had spent valuable time on providing a good response to the enquirer then they would likely have been wasting their time (because the enquirer is always going to go with the ‘best price offered’).   At best, the enquiry should have got a standardised ‘cut and paste’ response that tested how serious the enquirer was.

Making the most of your enquiry responses time

Because there are only a limited number of hours in each day, everyone in business has to utilise their time carefully.   If there are enquiries to respond to and the website visitors data makes it clear that certain people could be shopping around, then it makes sense to take such data into consideration.

This also applies the other way round – if an enquiry is gained and the enquirer has clearly spent time looking at the services/products offered, then that may justify investing more time than usual in trying to convert that enquiry into a client/buyer.

For the sake of spending just a few seconds looking at the visitor path of each person who makes an enquiry, time wasting activities can often be avoided.

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